About Us


The NAP partners are Per Håvard Lindqvist, Egil Bauer-Nilsen and Joakim Blanking.

Per Håvard Lindqvist was CEO of the leading Norwegian and Baltic real estate development company Linstow AS for 20 years, leading the major Norwegian real estate developer when it ventured into the Baltic region. He has an engineering background and before entering into real estate he worked as a project manager in the construction industry.

Egil Bauer-Nilsen was the deputy CEO of Linstow AS, directly responsible for the Baltic activities within Linstow from 1997 until 2007, focusing the company on shopping center and hotel development within the region. He lived in Riga from 1998 until 2000. He holds an MBA and before going into the real estate business in 1994, he worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Co.

Joakim Blanking worked with Linstow AS from 2001, initially with the engagements in the Baltic region as responsible for financing as well as for the hotel chain. He lived in Riga from 2001 until 2006, when he took over as CFO for Linstow. He joined NAP in 2011. He has a business degree and a banking background and has worked in the Baltic Sea Region since the 1990’s.


New Agenda Partners AS (“NAP”) is organizing investments in the Baltic real estate markets, through identifying investment objects, evaluating the potentials of these objects and managing the realization of these potentials. NAP is managing the acquired properties through local partners to create further values, and is advising on optimal exits from the investments.

Assets targeted

NAP is looking for opportunities within various types of properties throughout the Baltics. The focus so far has been on small and medium sized shopping centers in the Riga area in Latvia. NAP is actively evaluating other types of assets.


The NAP management team has extensive experience from the Scandinavian and the Baltic real estate markets, and a unique network of contacts within the real estate advisory sector, the construction industry and within banking. Members of the team has lived in Riga and worked within the region for more than 15 years, acquiring and developing leading hotels and shopping malls, as well as other types of properties before establishing NAP.

Local Partners

NAP works with local partners in identifying objects/projects, local architects, project managers and construction companies in developing objects and with locals in managing the objects on a day-to-day basis. The company is focusing on building long term relationships with key tenants in the region, catering to their changing needs.